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Foggy Bottom Historic District Walking Tour

Created by FBA History Project on December 16th 2021, 6:32:07 pm.

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Welcome to the self-guided walking tour of streets and alleys lined with narrow row houses of the four-block Foggy Bottom Historic District. The tour discusses the lives of Foggy Bottom residents and the neighborhood's economic and demographic changes over time. “The Foggy Bottom Historic District celebrates the former working class section of the larger Foggy Bottom neighborhood. The district is significant for its association with Washington’s industrial history, its association with Washington’s German and Irish communities, and for the low-scale, modest brick row houses distinctively ornamented with pressed and molded brick details that characterize the area.” (Hist. Dist. Nomination) The neighborhood also housed a significant African American population. The historic period runs from 1860-1915, but Foggy Bottom history continues. The tour is part of Foggy Bottom Association History Project.