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UNC Charlotte Campus Walking Tour

Created by Dawn Schmitz on August 24th 2021, 4:00:03 pm.

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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte dates its founding to 1946, when the Charlotte Center opened its doors as a night school for returning World War II veterans. Three years later, the state declared the Center was no longer needed and decided to close it, which would have left the state’s largest city again with no public institution of higher education. In 1949, after intensive lobbying by founder Bonnie Cone and her allies, the state backed the establishment of Charlotte College. In 1961, the college moved to its present location, and in 1965 it became the fourth campus of the UNC system. This virtual tour can be enjoyed from any location, and includes navigation for those taking the tour in-person. The tour can be downloaded as a PDF and printed, or saved to a mobile device.